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    Image Sensor  Double 1080P Sensor
    LCD Display 2.7"  LCD
    Video  Resolution 1080HFD /720P/ WVGA /VGA
    File  Format  Still Image(JPEG)/Video(H.264) 
    Lens   170 degree
    Digital Zoom  4x  Digital Zoom 
    White balance AUTO
    Output mode TV/ HDMI selectable
    Interface USB 2.0
    Other Features ·New parking monitoring ,parking guard function
    · Auto lock after being crashed ,sensitivity adjustable function
    · Auto records when the car starts, and support charging while video recoding
    · Support looping video record
    · Support  motion detect
    · Support seamless video recording
    · Support Wide Dynamic Range video recording
    Dimensions  85(L) x 60(W) x 15 (H)mm
    weight About 108g

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