Meet Russ

Jobs First – Montana Always

In 20 years as a judge, Russ Fagg has seen just about every form of human suffering come before his court. From families breaking up to young people turning to a life of crime, almost all the cases trace their roots to the same cause: poverty and economic crisis. Montana needs more jobs. That’s why Russ is running for the U.S. Senate.

a montana life of service

A fourth-generation Montanan, Russ Fagg went to school at Rimrock Elementary, Lincoln Junior High, and Billings Senior High School, where he had great teachers and coaches. After being voted co-captain of the football team, Russ graduated and went to Whitman College, then to law school at the University of Montana. 

Russ clerked for the Supreme Court, then began practicing law. He ran for the Montana legislature and served two terms. There he met his wife, Karen. The two have been super blessed with twins, Harrison and Barclay.

After working in private practice as an attorney, then serving as City Prosecutor and Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney, Russ decided to run for Judge. He won, and served for 20 years.

Now, Russ is stepping down from the bench and running for the U.S. Senate. Join him!